How To Find Authentic Love for yourself (and others) and go Beyond Loneliness to true Heart Connection.
Discover the simplest way to build a new you...
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Discover how to Stop Comparing yourself to Unrealistic Expectations and what you "should" be and how instead to side-step the traps of a mind that keep you away from love - and kindness to self.
Remove fear of emotions
Learn how to profit from negative emotions and move beyond them instead of feeling stuck, bored, lonely or why bother. This secret alone has transformed many clients to find new ways of riding out the tough emotions.
Discover intuition & its secret power
Communicating with yourself in a Loving Way is communicating with your Intuition in order to understand the signals of your body, mind and emotions. 
The training comes with a guide to start practicing this straight away!
Welcome To My World of Loving Relationships
About Your Host
Angela Ambrosia is a Love and Relationship Trainer, Coach and Healer. 
She has worked with hundreds of men and women to discover what is it that makes our hearts yearn for affection and learn  what it takes to fulfil what it takes to create love - instead of fall back into unsatisfying feelings - about ourselves, our lives and the people and world we share our lives with.
This Video Training shares 3 secrets to Transform the way you look at your personality so you can unleash the power of your Soul and Intuition
  •  Learn how you can shift the way you look at yourself so you are no longer the problem but become a creator of magic in your life.
  •  Start using the downloadable Connect to Heart guide to practice listening to your intuition straight away.
  •  Put your questions in the live chat so Angela can address specific needs.
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