Learn to Attract Love that Truly Meets You
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Do you have the emotional intimacy you desire?

Do you naturally attract loving relationships into your life?

Do you long to share deeper intimacy in your relationships - starting with yourself?
Learn how you can solve the puzzle of why
relationships don't give you what you desire.

Angela Ambrosia,
Certified Master Relationship Coach and Meditation Teacher

Angela has over 20 years of listening to the most intimate part of the body and heart through embodied meditation, helping women and men reconnect to their heart and naturally manifest the love and relationships they desire.

She is an artist and master of listening to and with the deepest and truest part of the body, soul and emotions. Rather than mindfulness, Angela's embodied meditation strategy encourages a juicy heart-felt experience of the beauty that is you.

Love & Togetherness Videos
4 Key Elements for you to embrace the challenges and solutions that face modern relationships.

4 Key Videos that help you discover what it takes to create the love you seek.

If you are NOT looking for a relationship, 
the videos share how to love yourself, understand emotions and 
define what you TRULY desire.

If you are looking for a relationship,
the videos share key characteristics it
takes to acquire a relationship that meets your desires and move through the trouble spots so your relationship can blossom.
Learn how to love your Self
Remove judgement from self-love and discover how to love by listening to your body and heart so you can be free - to be you.
Healthy Emotional Intimacy
Understand what it takes for your intimacy to go to the next level by fully embracing your body, meeting shame and liberating old patterns.
Create the Lasting Love you Desire
Learn what it takes to create a lasting love that gives you the love you are looking for.

Learn to attract a Love that Truly Meets you.
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