ANGELA AMBROSIA and presents
Emotional Management Class
Do you struggle with being a "nice" person and end up feeling drained 
by your work or those you love?

This class teaches you how to manage your body energy, thoughts and emotions so you can become aware of what you are picking up and how to not take it with you.
This class is for:
people who pick up a lot of emotions,
 coaches, therapists, those in helping professions, 
those overwhelmed by others emotions looking for simple techniques
to manage emotional overwhelm.
What you receive
3 Simple Steps to Master your Emotions
3 Techniques to Manage your Energy in your body, your thoughts and emotions
Discover how your body is an energy system that needs energy management with a few simple tools.
A one hour (60 min) Mp3 Audio Class with Guided Instruction & Visualisation
Great for audio learners so you can learn and practice the technique while you listen.
Pdf Transcript of Audio Class
The transcript helps you to easily review and repeat the techniques.
Included Discovery Session with Angela
If you need to clarify anything about the class, a one-on-one 45 minute session with Angela is included.
Angela is a Certified Life & Relationship Coach and teacher on love ~
starting with the most important relationship, the relationship with the self.

As a healer and empath, Angela struggled with picking up energy and emotions from others. And in order to share meditation effectively and work with others, she
learnt how to use these techniques that revolutionized her own practice
and allow to work with clients with all sorts of difficulties 
as well live with greater ease, joy and simplicity.

Some of the benefits created by these tools include:

being free to make clear-headed choices 
knowing the best questions to ask when you are drained to find out what's going on
protecting your aura or "body field" from harmful energies,
 no longer staying physically and mentally drained,
connecting to your intuition rapidly and clearly without interference,
learning to trust your guidance,
releasing harmful energies quickly,
preparing your mind to be focussed on the best outcome
training your mind, body and soul to not take responsibility for others' stuff


with the Discovery Session - you can see where you need 'tweeking' to make the tool suit your needs better.

Discover 3 simple tools to discern what is yours, what is not yours and what to do to keep your energy vibrant and available for giving back to you & others.

Sick and tired of picking up & feeling responsible for everything?

If you are in the helping profession but find yourself overwhelmed with everything you "have to" do, you are probably not managing your emotions, which is the first step to creating balance in your life.

You may also be experiencing empathy fatigue and not be clearing your energy so you are available for you, which defeats the purpose of heling others.

Can you really master your emotions in 3 Steps?

These 3 Simple Steps are powerful and work for thousands of others who are aware that their empathic nature leads to sucking up other's emotions, so they need to have safe and simple strategies to de-clutter their energy & clarify their thoughts.

AND if you need more guidance to develop these skills - that's what the Clarity Call with Angela will give you!
This Class comes with a 45 minute Clarity Call with Angela to review your specific concerns.
 Book your Call with Angela here:
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