ANGELA AMBROSIA and present...
3 Easy Secrets to Cracking the Relationship Code for Women
and How to Open the Gateway to Any Man's Heart
What Is This Book About?
Cracking the Relationship Code for Women has 3 secrets that uncover the POWER of being a woman. Once you know these secrets, you can embrace what it takes to transform your emotions and become a master of love, inspiring, attracting and enticing men to be in your presence and be magnificent for you. 

The book comes with MP3 AUDIO RECORDINGS of two meditations to help you re-connect to balance you and RECONNECT to love within you. The book is based on practical applications of these techniques to CHANGE the way you love and look at love.
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The book comes with 
TWO MP3 AUDIO RECORDINGS to CHANGE the way you love and look at love.

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Mp3 Recordings with your purchase!
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"The more masterful you are with your emotions, the more superior the man you attract"
Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • Discover how to break the cycle of break-ups, restore harmony and magic to your relationship, and enjoy deeper, better love that allows you to overcome discord and misunderstanding in relationships.
  • Learn how to master your emotions, so that you can learn how to enjoy them and love yourself without becoming a victim of your emotions. Your purchase includes 2 mp3 recordings with practical exercises to re-program your love habits. 
  • Understand how to keep the possibility of love alive for a man. Men commit when they are inspired. Cracking the Relationship Code shows women how to master their emotions, so you attract men more able to manage emotions who respect a women that handles herself with ease.
  • Uncover the POWER of being a woman. Men are looking for your inspiration on how to navigate the world of feeling, love, romance, sensitivity, passion and joy. The Relationship Code shows you how women are the navigators and interpreters of balanced emotions that makes you wanted by men.
With your book purchase receive 2 mp3 meditations!
These mp3s are PRACTICAL exercises to learn how to re-frame your feelings about love 
learn how to let go of old feelings that you hold you back from the love you desire.
 Here's What Other People Are Saying about working with Angela:
"I am so grateful for a coach like Angela! For years I have worked to improve my self esteem, and though I had a pretty good handle on my intelligence and capabilities, I still struggled with acceptance around my body image; too many years wrapped in self-judgment and embarrassed to show the real me to the public. Angela helped me find new ways to experience the joy of living in my body that I was comfortable with. Thanks Angela!" – Tammy T.
"Angela's technique is unlike any other, gently and safely guiding me through a process of inner healing that is multi-dimensional. As I heal my relationship with myself, and rewrite "the story," all relationships in my life become easier and more harmonious. Angela is a real healer, and working with her produces real results in real time." – Nykki Hardin
"Angela is a joy to work with! She has a calm and inviting energy that allowed me to feel comfortable working through some of the challenges I was facing in my life. Angela really helped lead me down a path to success, and her support along the way ensured I would accomplish my goals. Thank you, Angela!" – Katie N.
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