Discover The Secrets to Having
Totally Loving Relationships!
My Membership Website, “Loving Relationships - Making Relationships Thrive” Will Help to Put ALL Your Relationships on a Path of Forgiveness, Healing and LOVE! 
We all struggle with relationship problems at one time or another. And sometimes these challenges and patterns of communication can be so ingrained that they cause real problems in having healthy relationships.
I can help. My membership site is geared just for stubborn family habits to create loving relationships that thrive.
How to Have Healthier, More Loving Relationships…
I created my “Loving Relationships-Understanding Who We Are While Making Love Thrive” membership site for people who want deeper and more loving relationships. To have these relationships you need to learn skills that make this possible.
In my membership site, you’ll learn these critical skills:
  • How to understand and communicate your emotions.
  • How to be authentic in all you do—so you can feel what is necessary to share.
  • Listening skills that allow you to truly feel your emotions and communicate them while at the same time allowing you to also hear and feel your loved ones.
  • How to go beyond criticism to understanding the other person’s needs and wants.
  • How to make the other person feel valued.
  • How to build trust with boundaries and understanding.
  • How to encourage your loved ones to feel safe physically, emotionally and sexually with you.
  • How to understand power dynamics between adult/child, husband/wife, older parents and children.
  • How to resolve old family patterns that are entrenched and hurtful.
  • Accepting and handling differing family backgrounds, social expectations and cultural differences.
  • How to deal with technology and the stresses of modern life that impact relationships.
As you can see, you’ll learn a wealth of new skills that can heal past relationships as 
well as navigate new ones with grace and confidence.
 What You Receive Inside the Membership Site….
I want to give you a ton of value so that you can make all your relationships more intimate and loving.
 Here’s what you’ll get in my “Loving Relationships-Understanding Who We Are While Making Love Thrive” membership site:
A fully-recorded members-only Private Group Facebook Live presentation
These will take place one Sunday a month at 8pm EST. 
During the Live presentation, we practice the exercise for the month and do Q & A.  The following two Sundays we address your specific questions in the Private FB group chat and review your relationship challenges and how to meet them.
A monthly practice exercise 
That will enable you to feel and understand yourself better. I’ll teach you how to more effectively manage your emotions, develop respect and set boundaries in all your relationships.

Here are the monthly themes for 2018 going into 2019:
  • April - What stops us Listening to our Loved Ones
  • May - Acceptance and Getting past the habit of judgement
  •  June - Nurturance
  •  July - Respect of the Child
  •  August - Respect of Parents
  •  September - Respecting the Body
  •  October - Creating Boundaries in a changing world 
  •  November- Power Relationships in Family
  •  December- Year in Review
  •  January 2019- Authenticity in the New World
  •  February - Technology and it’s role in your relationships
  •  March - Handling Change
Bonus Listening Exercises And Materials
To practice listening, conflict resolution and emotional management skills.
Family Dynamic Assessment Tool. 
This valuable tool will help you determine which key members of your relationships may need healing, growth or to expand your relationship with. 
Specific And Rare Tools For Healing Family Patterns. 
These tools are invaluable in laying to rest old, stubborn patterns that contribute to conflicts and difficult relationships.
What Does It Cost?
Comparable programs, seminars and sites can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars. 
But my monthly membership isn’t anywhere near the cost of a thousands of dollars. 
Not even hundreds. And not even $100! You can have full access to my site with all these 
valuable materials, resources, tools and Facebook Live presentations for just $29/month.

Aren’t your relationships worth a dollar a day? I’m sure you’ll agree this is a steal for what it can give you 
in improved and salvage relationships, not to mention growth with new relationships.
About Angela
ANGELA AMBROSIA is a certified Master Life and Relationship Coach and Meditation teacher. CMC, CRC, CPC and ICF certified coach. 

Her passion is teaching clients how to be in love with who they are and create loving relationships. With twenty five years expertise in dance and healing Angela blends coaching with deep listening to the body, heart and soul so that you know, understand and love your authentic self.

Angela combines creative visualization, listening tools to body, mind and emotions with body and self awareness to teach others how to listen to their body so that we can create new healthy intimacy as well as as model for and  teach youth how to handle the body with care, love and joy.
You can start having more loving, more intimate, more lasting relationships starting today! And my membership site “Loving Relationships-Understanding Who We Are While Making Love Thrive” can help to get you there. Don’t you owe it to yourself and the people closest to you in your life to get back to harmonious relationships? An end to long-standing conflicts and resentments could be just a click away.  
Yes, I Guarantee It!

I want you to be thrilled with my site and the relationship skills you’ll learn or I don’t want your money. That’s why I’m giving you a full 30 days to decide if the information in the membership site is right for you. Take a full 30 days to look over all the resources, try some of the exercises and listen to a few Facebook Live presentations. If you don’t like what you see and hear and feel it’s not for you, I’ll refund every penny of your money—with no questions asked.  
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